So here's my Tic story.

The earliest i can remember having tics is in middle school, and I'd blink my eyes really hard. Then I remember I would do weird things with my body that just felt good to do and occasional face grimmace. I was fine through high school, no tics. high school was stressful but funny enough looking back, it was the least stressful point of my life by comparison.

Anyway, two years into college, i was veryyy stressed and these eye tics came. except it wasn't the hard blinking, it was excessive blinking and blinking weird. also i never lumped it on there until now, but i have ocassional verbal tics as well. but luckily i can hold that in until i'm alone. i also face grimmace when i know im not being watched and like the person turns away then i do it real's almost become fun, so weird. my tics have been off and on for 3 years now, the breaks of relief seems to have gotten shorter :(

a boyfriend also told me i twitch/tic in my sleep.

so anyway, that's my history. i notice for the most part i have a handle on my eye tics and can somewhat keep them at bay when around people. but if im really stressed or anxious (good or bad) or even super tired, all bets are off. like when i broke my side view mirror the other day :( during those times, i can't even drive cuz it becomes so debilitating. anyone similar?
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and is this actually tourette's?

it may be just be a stress disorder, councillors would help and worst comes to worse low dose meds