Had Some Awesome News!

Hey there, just found out Tietze Syndrome is not a reuma thing but just inflammation and that it can actually dissapear after a period of time (unknown how long though) I still have it but before today I thought it was permanent, damn I'm so happy!
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Things that have helped me to almost CURE tietze. Naproxen, turmeric, ginger, exercize, hot baths with epsom salts, running, fish oil, eating clean... Steroid injection. No pain almost gone.

I see. Hot baths sound relaxing. A shame that basically every bath is too small for me hahahaha.

What exactly is Tietze Syndrome?

It causes chronic inflammation and swelling at the ribs, causing a lot of pain and restricts breathing at times, also the pains goes through the entire body. Can't really explain it better.

Ahh. Thank you for explaining. I'm sorry about out that too! I know pain.

You're welcome. Why? You have some kind of illness too?

I am considering a pain clinic, quality of life is important. I am not big on taking the drugs, I have tried natural stuff with no success. I inquired about steroid injection, I was told that it wasn't worth the risks as it does not last. At times it is so bad I can't turn my head or sit back in a chair, laying down is the worst. Are you still active with this? I use to spin 5 days a week, I would ride my bike 100km in a day. I loved hiking and camping. I can't do much now, laboured breathing makes it worse, vicious circle!

I'm not that active, had to give up archery just recently..

How long have you had Tietzes, what symptoms do you have and how often do you have them. Have you found anything that helps?

Hmmm... I'd say 2 or 2.5 years, maybe longer. I have symptons every day, if it's not pain it's restrictive breathing. Nothing that helps so I'm just biting through the pain and do the stuff I wanna do (as long as I'm able to)

I have had this for 18 months, has it went away for anyone?

Not as far as I know, but my doctor said it will someday.