Hissing Sound In Left Ear!!

I am 24 years of age and just recently i noticed this hissing sound..i thought it might be something electrical in my home. Every room i went to i heard the hiss,so i ignored it thinking that it was the electricity. I then realised it wasnt just my home....it went with me everywhere even to a shopping mall!! Its only in my left ear i noticed coz theres no "abnormal" sound coming out from my right ear. I do suffer from sinus so im thinking it might have came from that as i dont attend loud concerts or clubs. I dont know if this sound will go away but itz a bit distracting like when im reading or in a quiet room. What can i do to lessen the sound or maybe eliminate it. Besides going to the doctor as doctors are very expensive. I heard holistic medicine may work and gingko. Please help,i really wanna get rid of this sound,maybe my sinus needs to be cleared.
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Yours sounds like my experience. For over a year I've told myself that it's some plumbing business that I hear as a "shushing" sound -- at night as in the day I never notice it. Tonight it's gotten louder and so I walked down the hall of my apartment building -- and yes, the sound persists and so I guess I have to admit to Tinnitus. My mother got it in her late years, and lost most of her hearing. I'm 89 and have had allergies and so perhaps there's a connection. I'm hoping there's some help for it.

I have tintinitus in my right ear and have since the 1970s. Not sure what caused it. At one time I had a full workup on it and they determined the frequency and decibel level of it, but at that time a "tintinitus blocker" was not made to match the frequency of my problem. So, for decades, I have suffered with it. I also have some high and low frequency hearing losses in both ears, probably caused by my work while I was in the Air Force. I have had and worn out two hearing aids for my right ear. It is a major pain in the butt and has significantly reduced my quality of life. I have spent my life asking my wife or kids "What did he/she say?" Surely by now there should have been enough progress in that area of medical technology that something should be able to be done about your problem. See your doctor and get a referral to see an audiologist and have the testing done and see if they can help you. It doesn't just "go away." I hope you don't have to suffer with the problem the way I have. I have a brother that also has the same problem, but with him it is in his other ear. Good luck.

well i believe that this is from your sinus, but you need to see a doctor because there is a membrane in your ear and if that is damaged then you will have these sounds and have a lot of pain.<br />
does it pains? if not then in your nose you need to also try to add salt water so that it clears up.<br />
hold your nose and blow air in it, see what you feel .......