Non Stop Ringing

About three years ago I started noticing that I had ringing in my left ear. It later moved to both ears. Now it is non stop day and night and it is starting to effect my daily life. I really have a hard time hearing what people say and understanding them. It is quit e depressing at times.

It used to be just one tone but in the last 6 months it has turned into several tones. It sounds like the old tv sets used to sound when they were turned on with the sound all the way down but louder.

The other day I lost hearing in my left ear for about ten hours. I was really worried that it would not come back.

Something I am wondering is if other people have experienced something that I think might be related. I can not ever remember having wax in my ears. When I clean my ears with a Q-tip they always come out clean. I think that this has some effect on the health of my ears.

I have always protected (with hearing protection or my hands) my ears when ever there was a chance that I would be exposed to loud noise or sounds. I really do not want to go deaf (who does, really) I love music and the sounds of nature, the wind blowing through the trees on a cool fall day.

Anyone else with Tinnitus have an absence of ear wax?
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If you can't hear other people talking, that's not tinnitus, it's hearing loss. A lot of people have tinnitus with good hearing and vice versa.<br />
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If you haven't been exposed to loud music, ear infections etc. there are a number of things that may cause hearing loss, together with other symptoms. For instance if you have hearing loss, tinnitus and dizziness / vertigo then it might be meniere's disease ( It also might be related with TMJD (google it), though the noise itself is tough to get rid off and might not abate at all.<br />
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I also wouldn't clean the ear drums with the Q-tip, just the outer area.

I can still hear as long as the frequency of the persons voice is not the same as the ringing or if it is, they have to speak louder than the ringing.

I have been exposed to industrial noise, loud music, gun fire and more. however, in almost every instance that this happened I wore hearing protection (sometimes double). When the ringing started, I had not been exposed to any loud noises for years.

I had vertigo at one time in my life but I haven't had it in years now. It was related to an adverse reaction to some prescription medicine.

I have often wondered if it might have something to do with the fillings in my teeth. I suspect that they are not of the highest quality and could contain heavy metals or something that might contribute to the tinnitus.

I will look into TMJD, at this point, it has been going on for about 6 years or more.

It has gotten old a long time ago.

My doctor referred me to a specialist but I am not willing to pay the extremely high bill for the off chance that they might be able to figure it out.

I don't have insurance and don't want it. It is part of (if not the) problem with why medical care is so expensive.

If I don't figure it out, I can cope.

Thanks for your help.

@meem1061<br />
I was told that Lipo-Flavonoid helps. I tried it for one month but it didn't really help me. The person that told me about it said it helped them so maybe it is worth a try for you. You can find it in the vitamin section.<br />
Fair warning, it isn't cheap, as far as a supplement goes anyway.<br />
Let us know if you try it out and whether or not it works for you.

Hi Gary- I am going crazy with this ringing, buzzing, heartbeat sound in my ears- worse in the right ear. Please let me know if you find anything to help!

Please let us know if it helps.

@mysticrage<br />
How can I make good use of it? What purpose could it serve?<br />
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@womaninbliss<br />
Thank you, I will go to the doctor this year. I promise. :-)<br />
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@Marji<br />
I know what you mean about the alien gibberish. Sometimes I have that problem with my family too. They get so aggrivated at me for saying what all the time.<br />
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I tell them to imagine for a moment from my point of view. If they get aggrivated at me for not hearing them how do they think I feel when I know that they know I can not hear them when they speak softly or mumble (and it's not just me that thinks this). It is not all peaches and cream never being able to hear what people are saying.<br />
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What makes it worse is all of my family is soft spoken. It gets really agrivating at times. It's not like it is a new thing or something. I have been like this for close to three years or more.<br />
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You would think that those who are closest to you would get the hint and speak up and speak more clearly when they are talking to you.<br />
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I am glad you have found something that helps but be careful withthe aspirin. I believe it thins your blood. Hopefully you have a good doctor and you have told him about your aspirin use.

Well, it is funny you should say this.<br />
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Years ago I used to "hear" "god" talk to me. I can't say for sure who I was hearing but I know that the voice I heard was always right. It would tell me things before they happened (sometimes days) and they would happen, just as it said.<br />
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It got to a point where I could no longer hear this voice and that is when the ringing started. Seriously, I have thought about it a lot and thought it strange that the ringing started at the same time the voice stopped.<br />
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I don't know what it is and can't say one way or another but it would be nice if the ringing would stop.<br />
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To most, this probably sounds a little crazy but I am not making it up and I am not crazy. Well, not any more than the average person anyway. lol<br />
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If, as you say, it is the universal tone of spirit. How do I get it to stop?

its all in your head you are nuts

Well I think it's important to see the GP if only to get some basic checks done and to get an opinion from him as to whether you have an ear infection. He will probably refer you to a specialist to investigate further. It's worth it because your hearing is important and it will only get worse if you don't deal with it. Losing a bit of weight will probably help in lots of ways, if only to help you to feel better about your situation in general. I wish you well.

@womaninbliss<br />
Thank you.<br />
I really should go to the doctor about it but I haven't. I have many excuses but in reality, that's all they are. :-)<br />
I have tried a few things that are supposed to help with no luck. Fortunately I am able to ignore it most of the time.<br />
I half way believe that if I were to loose 15 or 20 lbs that it might go away. Who knows, maybe this year I'll find out. :-)

its l.o.s.e pal loose is what your wifes pee pee is lololololololololo

Sorry to hear about the tinnitus Gary. My father suffered with it all his adult life. He was also a migraine sufferer. It seems that it can sometimes be a symptom of something else going on in the body, for example vascular disease (which was apparently the case with my father we later found out). Perhaps get a general checkup ... a cholesterol and heart check for instance and talk to a doctor about it. There are herbal and mineral supplements which might help too. If you look up tinnitus relief on the internet there is quite a bit of advice on there. Good luck and I hope you manage to find some help.

Please let us know if it helps at all. I hope it does.