Back Then, And Right Now

Back in the late '80s (when I was more-or-less happily married) I began to have just a -teensy- bit of tinnitus (hmm should I invent the acronym TBOT? or not?) which came on around bedtime. Thought nothing of it, even when I was jammin' with my buddies out in a rented park field-house at Wolf & Grand. You just BETCHA it was loud, I took measurement with a sound meter: over 110dB... way too loud for me, I'd take a break and have a cig outside until things calmed down.
* * *
And here 'tis 2013, and what was miniscule is now Much louder, rampant, pervasive and scary because it just might indicate something's not kosher with my heart, my veins, my whatever (even though tests don't indicate anything...). Right now, as I'm typing this, it's in both ears. Maybe I'm sitting the wrong way? Need a change in my diet? I am for SURE certain that I have both KDS and HDS in extremis. What? OH, sorry, that's 'kiss-deficiency syndrome' and 'hug-deficiency syndrome', respectively, but that's, children, is another story altogether.....
SlyOldFox SlyOldFox
51-55, M
Jan 8, 2013