Cure For Tinnitus

CURE FOR TINNITUS || Holistic Step-by Step Cure for Tinnitus Revealed

A continuous buzzing, hissing, beeping, clicking, pulsing or whistling sounds in your ears may indicate a sign of tinnitus. Some may just be tolerable, but in most cases, patients suffer from anxiety, dizziness, and sleeplessness which can affect one's lifestyle. Various types of cure for tinnitus has been all over the market that people would get confused or receive misleading information as to how to relieve themselves from the said condition. Research indicates that tinnitus can get worse if left untreated or mistreated, and may cause hearing loss. A holistic cure for tinnitus has been proven to provide immediate relief to sufferers without resorting to drugs, audio therapies, psychiatric treatments, and surgeries. This has been found to be a very effective way to cure and eliminate tinnitus permanently.
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I had tinnitus for 4 months straight and the doctors couldn`t findout the cause. I took matters into my own hands and had my wife push on my back when I layed on my stomach and had her crack my back and massage my shoulder and neck everyday for 3 weeks and I noticed the tinnitus got really soft to where it was tolerable and eventually went away. tinnitus can be caused by stress and tension in your neck,shoulders and back. please try this because it worked for me. you have nothing to loose

That's a broken link.

The video was pretty much all there is out there. The advice is good for control but as yet there in NO cure for permanent Tinnitus, but much ongoing research into the causes.

hello is tinnitus can lost your hearing? im afraid of lossing my hearing :(

I have had Tinnitus since I was 8, (so giving away my age, have had it for 40 odd years) and can still hear well, so no you don't normally lose your hearing. However it can be distracting so may make you miss parts of conversation in noisy environments.

Has this worked for anyone?