Constant Ringing For Years

I have had tinnitus since high school and I'm now 32.  I'm married and my husband is used to the fact that I have it and can't hear certain things very well.  Nobody really seems to know how bad it is or how annoying it is.  Other people can't see it, and I don't complain about it all the time but it bothers me every day.  Some days it is worse than others but it is always pretty bad. 

Sometimes it is sooo annoying and stressful that I think I can't possibly live the rest of my life with it.  It makes me feel insane sometimes.  I just want it to be quiet but there is no way to get quiet.  It's like someone is always, always screaming in my ear.

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I had tinnitus for 4 months straight and the doctors couldn`t findout the cause. I took matters into my own hands and had my wife push on my back when I layed on my stomach and had her crack my back and massage my shoulder and neck everyday for 3 weeks and I noticed the tinnitus got really soft to where it was tolerable and eventually went away. tinnitus can be caused by stress and tension in your neck,shoulders and back. please try this because it worked for me. you have nothing to loose

I agree, there isn't any medications to help. I am about 3 weeks into a Ginko/Zinc/Garlic regimen that hasn't improved my tinnitus at all. I was recently at an audiologist for evaluation and got the same disappointing result: nothing can be done.

LOL, good point. It is a silent/invisibile disability.<br />
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Some attributed causes are loud noises (gun shots, concerts) and damage to the ear drum, and brain tumors. Also TMJ, that grinding in your jaw joint, which I do have, and I think that could be related, but I'm not sure. I went to an audiologist back in high school but have not been since. I was told there was nothing they could do to fix it. It's very discouraging. I don't have the money or insurance to cover extensive testing or experimental treatment. I've tried cutting caffeine, taking recommended vitamin and nutritional supplements, but nothing has helped.

Most folks think things they have not experienced are not really real. Now, if you had blood bubbling out of your ears constantly, they might figure something out. <br />
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Is tinnitus an ear itself thing or is it a nerve condition, or a brain condition? The reason I ask has to do with my next question, which is how can it be treated?