These honestly helped me so much and I hope they help you. Please understand that weight loss takes time.
-Drink a cup of hot Green Tea before every meal, and if you prefer sweetened tea, add (not too much) real sugar OR Truvia.
-After you're comfortable with regularly drinking the green tea, slowly change the Green Tea to White Tea
-Clear the candy cabinet and refill it with nuts and dried fruits and berries, and if you're craving potato chips, dried snap-pea crisps are amazing and have a very similar taste.
-Try to avoid soda and juices with lots of sugar
-Also try to avoid bread, potatoes, and rice as much as you can (that doesn't mean you can't eat it, you can, just choose other options when you have them)
-Don't pressure yourself, if you're celebrating a birthday, have a piece of cake, have a piece of pizza, just don't over-due it. Everything in moderation is okay.
-If grilled and fried are the only two options, pick grilled.
-Treat the diet as if it is your lifestyle, not something temporary, and that will help you not stress as much.
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Did I mention water? If I didn't, DRINK WATER! And lots of it. Water is so important for your body!