I Have Tmj

For as long as I can remember, both sides of my jaw have made popping sounds(usually worse on the left side).

My jaw pops so loud that people around me can actually hear it! My dad awlays jokingly says "Stop making that noise!" One time my friend looked at me strangely and asked "What was that?" and I said "It was my jaw. It always pops, so don't worry about it." I've had my funny moments. LOL

Whenever I eat something tough/chewy my jaw becomes tired easily, so I try to avoid those kinds of foods. Ocassionally, my jaw does get stiff and sore, but it usually loosens up the next day. My jaw has locked in place only one time and it scared me half to death. My dentist does know that I have TMJ and checks it whenever I go to get my teeth cleaned(which is every 6 months). So far my dentist says everyhting is fine and not to worry about it.

1/21/2013 - I woke up feeling fine. At noon I decided to eat a small bag of chips and my jaw popped(differently than it usually does). Ever since then the left side of my jaw has been stiff and really sore. It aches even when I don't move my mouth. The pain gets worse when I open my mouth to talk/yawn and while eating. I hope this pain goes away, since I already have enough medical problems to deal with.
MistyApollo MistyApollo
18-21, F
Jan 23, 2013