For The First Time In My Life I Don'T Feel Alone With This

I've had TMJD for 10 years. I'm 24 now, turning 25 in March. I could write a book about my live dealing with this horrible disorder but I'll keep it short. I've visited many dentists who made me use diferent bite splints, but none of them could help me to get rid of the pain. Gosh! I've been through a lot of pain since I'm 14, and all the people who has suffered from this condition can tell how painful is to have TMJD. I have an anterior crossbite which caused the displacement of the disc. None of the dentists I saw before 2009 noticed it, but the current one found it out and treated me with another bite splint which recaptured the disc. Broadly speaking, I got better since then but my right masseter was utterly sore. I'm still in pain nowadays, it's not just the masseter it's the sternocleidomastoid muscle that is literally killing me. I've been treating by a physio in these last two months and it's quite helping me, I'm also taking Ibuprophen 600mg and another anti-inflammatory pills but it's not enough to kill the pain. I've read your stories, I don't have the poppings, clickings, my TMJ doesn't get stuck but I'm in a lot of pain as well. I thought about ending up with my life in the past. There has been days that I just can stand the pain and I cry unconsciously, I lock myself in my bedroom and think that my life would be so much better without this problem.But I as well as you have developed a high tolerance to pain, and learnt have to live with this disorder. My mom is fed up with all my problems; she doesn't understand how difficult is to live a normal life with this problem, I don't blame her though. Sometimes I just can leave my bed, and is hard to wake up feeling you have to deal with the pain the entire day. I wear a bite splint 24/7 but it doesn't affect my self-esteem anymore 'cause I've read many self-help books.To wrap it up, I feel like there are good things to come in my live. Besides this problem I've had such great moments in my life were the pain wasn't that bad and I could smile, sing, kiss, scream of happiness. The love is feel for my mom, my relatives, and my close friends make me hold on, I don't want to die yet I wanna get through all this problem eventhough is really hard. That's my advice to you, just hold on. Do your best to cope with this, remember that every cloud has a silver lining. Thanks for sharing your life stories; you're all very courageous.
Nevergiveup25 Nevergiveup25
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Hello Nevergiveup25,

I empathize with your situation and admire your courage to keep going with this awful illness. I've recently been diagnosed with TMJD and yes, it hurts a lot and it affects so many other aspects in my life. Never had I thought the jaw joints are so vital for survival. It makes me think of all the things I've taken for granted in the past.

Have it ever occurred to you that the TMJD you have is directly linked to other illness/disease in the body? Could it be other parts of your body is out of alignment (for eg spine)? TMJD has been linked with many other diseases and as our body functions as one, maybe there are other parts of our bodies that need some repair work and we overlook. I know my TMJD definitely has something to do with my chronic lower back problem, although the health practitioner I saw dismissed it.

Hope you have a nice weekend yourself, despite the barriers that TMJD may bring. I'm looking forward to a really nice crunchy meal in the future. :)