God Gave Me A Purpose,after Being Paralyzed To Help Those That Can't Help Themselves That Are Paralyzed

I started going to church on a regular basis starting in July of 1999. The church that I went to the first time became Faith World and was led by Pastor Clint Brown. My mother and I attended his church for the rest of 1999. We made a lot of friends at the church and during Christmas we had two families over at our house for Christmas dinner. My mother and I were watching TBN,and Bishop Mark Chirrona's show came on and we saw him prophesying to a gentleman about something that affected my mother since childhood. She said "Brian,that's the church we're going to ,and in January of 2000 we began attending The Master's Touch International Church led by Bishop Mark Chirrona. When we first started going to his church we were in a small humble building located on Hoffner Road out by Orlando International Airport. One Sunday while he was preaching he called everyone down to the altar who needed a healing and started prophesying to them. He then walked my way and came down off the altar,placed his hand on my head and began reading my life like a book. It was so incredible,because everything that came out his mouth about my life was exactly how it happened prior to my injury and until that day. After the service on the way home in the van,I kept replaying everything that Bishop had prophesied about my life and what I was going to become later in life. I was blown away and came to realize there was only one way that he would have known about everything in my life which was because GOD had showed it to him. I can count at least 100 times that while my bishop was preaching,even though the building was full it seemed like it was only me,Bishop,and GOD in the room. The messages that Bishop had preached had came right when I needed them the most,and I knew GOD had his finger on my life. Throughout the next few years I would go to church several times a week and GOD continued to input into my life the components I would need to help others such as caring,compassion,and giving of yourself unto others. There was several times when my mother and I would come across those that were homeless and down on their luck.  Then I would take whatever money I had in my wallet and give it to someone in need,and then my mother would follow up and do the exact same thing.  The more that I gave to others not only financially,but also emotionally,it seemed that GOD would bless me more and more as time went on.  I learned many things from my Bishops teachings that changed me from the man I was prior to my injury to the man I am today. As I continued to go to church,I searched and wondered continuously what GOD's  purpose was for my life. I also often in my prayer time asked GOD why was I paralyzed,but I never got an answer for the reason why. I learned from my pastor later on in his teachings that there often is no answer for the question why. I often thought that I was paralyzed,because I was being punished for all my actions prior to my injury. Then one day while I was talking with my Bishop,he told I wasn't being punished by being paralyzed,that later as life went on I would find what GOD's purpose for me was.  He suggested that maybe the reason that I was paralyzed wasn't for me,but I was paralyzed so that I could help someone else in my condition to overcome the challenges that life would bring. During the time I was attending church I was introduced to a gentleman named Bob Melia,who had his wheelchair repaired by the same guy I had my chair repaired by. He invited me to come to Lucerne's Spinal Cord Injury support group,because he said it would be good for me to meet others  in my same condition. So one day I went to Lucerne Hospital spinal cord injury support group and was introduced to who would become one of my good friends Cindy Henning,who was a social worker at Lucerne Hospital that led the SCI support group. After several months of attending the SCI support group I had made many friends and it was suggested to me that I become a peer mentor. I then decided to become a volunteer at Lucerne Hospital for those patients who had recently suffered a spinal cord injury. Then one Sunday while I was in church Bishop was preaching a message that I finally found out what my purpose from GOD was. It was like a light bulb came on in my head and I realized that GODS purpose for my life was to help those who can't help themselves following a spinal cord injury. I then proceeded to take a class on how to be a peer mentor,and when it was over I realized that my life's purpose had just begun. I continued to attend The Master's Touch for quite some time and would not be half the man I am today if it wasn't for being under Bishop Mark Chirrona's teachings. I realized GOD could have stopped the security guards from breaking my neck,but GOD's plan for my life needed me to be in a wheelchair,so that I could help others in my condition overcome life's challenges that they would face with someone by their side. GOD had given me a second chance at life and it was up to me to make the best out of life that I could. I then proceeded to fulfill my purpose by mentoring to those with new spinal cord injuries.
quadforgod quadforgod
41-45, M
Jan 8, 2012