Being Truthful With Myself And My Son's Father

I met a man back in Nov. 2008... See I was walking to my best friend House for like two hours then left and after I left from his house and walked to the Kroger off ascension blvd and brown and he pulled in front of me twice just to get my number and I gave it to him, he waited like two days before calling me when he called we talked everyday all day long I mean for hours and hours and then going and coming from a friends house he called and said he wanted to me and we met up in the park right down from the Kroger and we walked up to each other and hugged and walked to the picnic table and sat there and just looked at each other and smiled and talked I fell in love right then and there but then As months start going and years I got pregnant twice once in Dec. 2008 with set of twins we were happy and I lost them fighting with my so called dad and when I told him about he was so hurt all we did is argue I knew how bad he wanted me to have his baby so we stop trying 2009 to 2010 we argued and argued but over having kids finally Sept. 2010 I called him and told him I loved him and wanted to see him so he came so then we talked and made the sweetest love and then he dropped me back off to baby sit he tried to call me but the girl wouldn't answer the phone or even let me know he called until my son was almost 7 or 8 months old and what makes it so bad our son is 1year old and yells daddy and dada and he doesnt know he is the world but not only that he was born on his daddy 30 or 31 birthday yes May Friday 13,2011 I found out I was officially pregnant Oct.18,10 I was so happy but so sad at the same time because he wasn't here to see his son being born... The worst thing is our son and I almost died because I had preeclampsia at 33weeks and 6days in the hospital with my mom and with my blood pressure being at 189 over 126 I had to have an emergency cesearn section... I was scared out of my mind I cried when I saw our son he had a hard time breathing coming out at 4lbs 8oz 17inches long I had to see him in the NICU it hurted me like crazy but searching for the love of my life not for me but for our son... He deserves to know he has a handsome son like him in the world.... Wish us luck on finding him...
LoyalShanleisha LoyalShanleisha
May 23, 2012