Tips On How to Deal With Family Stress During the Holiday

EP Came up with some ways to deal with holiday family stress!

1.     Take a Break!   It is important to take some time for yourself to breathe and get your feet grounded again.  Take a walk or read your favorite book.

2.    Learn to Say NO!  You know your limits and it is important to set boundaries.

3.    Be Prepared!  If you know there is bound to be some conflict while everyone is seated at the dinner table, prepare yourself.  This can help you stay calm and collected.

4.    Light on the Alcohol.  It could be wise to steer clear of too much alcohol at a family gathering if you know there might be unresolved family conflict to arise. 

5.    Stay Positive, Be Happy & Take it One Day at a Time.  While stress is inevitable sometimes, try to keep a positive outlook and not get overwhelmed by taking it one step at a time.

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EPSarah EPSarah
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2 Responses Nov 30, 2007

dont try to be too perfect.just be you,enjoy it

Be expendable! let someone else make the desserts.