It's Really Annoying...

And the trouble is, mostly, that he doesn't see it.

We've been going out for nearly a year, now, and at first his parents were pretty chill. His dad kind of hired me (the most I ever worked was maybe three hours on the weekend, the only time we have to work), his mom seemed nice, aside from her rude comments every once in a while (and the fact that she still announces "Maxine13's here" in a slightly annoyed voice whenever I hiccup - I have chronic hiccups, and her presence seems to agitate them...). Everything was going fine, mostly, until he moved away. (I say "mostly" because his parents like to chaperone us (we're both 21...) every once in a more- often- than -appreciated...)

  Well, before he left (for college, because they sent him away), he requested that they bring me along when they visit. They did the first time, but that's because I was already over at their house, and it was "help boyfriend move into his new place" weekend. I have not seen him since, but he updates me that they're coming over again for the fifth consecutive weekend, and they've shown up during the week. He finds their frequent presence annoying, and doesn't appreciate that they never bring me. It's become more like they're dating him than I am. Now, I know they have no real obligation to bring me to see him, but he and I would both appreciate it. I haven't seen him in over a month, while they're out with him every weekend and sometimes during the week.

Next off, the weekend I planned to come to see him (He'd payed for the ticket, so I was actually going), his dad tells him that he's coming into town and taking him to dinner, when he knew that boyfriend and I had plans. His mom even told him to change them so we could be together for once. Well, it didn't happen because he fell ill, but he's coming back this weekend, and his dad's forcing him to go fishing. Boyfriend a of all) hates fishing, and b of all) has no interest in spending a lot of time with a bunch of old men who he has nothing in common with aside from religion.

So, we're both from different relighins, and I've found out tha this dad does the same thing to all of the girlfriends. I'm this one's first girlfriend, but his big brother has had more than one (and as far as I know, hasn't had any more since the last one left). I'm suspicious that his dad's insistance on constantly being with his sons drove the girls away, and his insistance on chaperoning everyone. I don't want to dump him because his parents won't leave him alone, but right now, they're dating him a hell of a lot more than I am, and I'm understandably pissed off to quite pissed off, indeed.

Furthermore, boyfriend doesn't think his parents are trying to keep us apart. ... Is it just me, or is he kind of being dumber than hell? I've described the sistuation to a few friends, and they think the parents are trying to keep us apart. Do they want him to be a lonely old man who lives in their basement with only the internet as a friend?

K, I know some parts of this probably don't qualify as being overprotective, but it is annoying as hell...
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I understand your frustration. My boyfriends mom told him she think our relationships is going to end like his last one. She comes down every other weekend and brings his kid brother who is spoiled rotten. It annoys me and sometimes I wonder if he will ever stick up for me and now im realizing its time to stick up for myself. You should too, let them know you respect them but also know that its not fair how they treat you and its not up to them to decide the out come of your relationships.

I agree and know how you feel! My boyfriend and I can't breath without his parents needing to know about it! We went up north with some friends over the Summer and my boyfriends parents were the ONLY ones calling to check up on us even AFTER me and our friends and my boyfriend told them that if there was an emergency WE would call THEM! Half the time I'm lucky if I get an HOUR of him to myself because they make up reasons for him to stay home and "help them!" We are both in our mid 20's and yet his parents expect us to sleep in separate bedrooms when I stay the night with him. We are both adults and they just need to get over it and let our relationship be! On top of ALL THAT they spend time with his ex gf that he wants nothing to do with! Not only that but his mother actually had the nerve to introduce me to her on New Years eve when they invited her to spend it with them at their house KNOWING that my boyfriend was having me and another friend (who also hates this girl) over! They don't even refer to me as his girlfriend when they talk to her! I know they're trying to break us up but it's not going to work! They try to guilt him into doing stuff but unfortunatly for them they're only child is dating an only child whose heard all the excuses they give him before.