I to Depentened On Me and My Judgement

I have to judge that I will do ok.
Then to get a provely all the time that I do.
But think I do and judge my self that I will do right.

I feel that I answer to so many people and then I am not me.
I am that pereson that give me the advise to me.
I am them.

So I am trying to be me and not let alot people tell me what I am doing wrong and just be me.
And that is who I am.
And feel good about me.
And I do wrong or some thing happen I do not tell every one that went wrong .
I work it out on my own.
But if I need some help and then go to some one.
Depent on me for a while and see what happens.
I feel to many fires in the pan and I need to have less one in there.
And the one I tell all the time what I am doing .
They dont tell me what they do all the time.
So I am do less tell and have them guess more often about me.
And about my life.

lashanda lashanda
51-55, F
Apr 27, 2007