Help Me!!!

i am working on this assignment and i just cant do it! i hate this feeling, almost at the point of sobbing now! how the hell am I going to get this damn thing written?????

yasmina851 yasmina851
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3 Responses Mar 16, 2010

The anxiety probably just stems from wanting to do well. Keep working at it! You're probably doing a lot better than you dare believe. :)

thanks so much its so nice that someone gets it!i cant believe how difficult im finding this silly piece of work- ive restarted the damn thing three times now and everytime i always have this horrible niggle that im doing it totally wrong which makes it really hard to keep on writing. i think youre right - ive had a coffee break and cheeky cigarette- hate smoking but it seems to help in some ways- now am back at it (sorta) and think im just going to splurge a load of words and thoughts and hope something good comes out! x

I've been there....i've cried my way through typing an assignment even. <br />
First thing...calm down. I usually do that by taking some time out to listen to a couple of my fav songs or taking a shower. I go over the assignment in my head while i'm in the shower. Might not work for you but do take a break from it for a bit. The other thing i do is write my points out. Somehow when i see it in black and white i'm able to string it into words and paragraphs better when i type. <br />
If it's content that you're having problems with..well can't help you much coz i don't know what your assignment's about! Take a break then go back to it, with the believe that you can and will finish it :) Good luck! Oh and if you need to rant about it, if that helps, drop me a line :)