Nine Years of Tax Returns *sigh*

It hard to believe my father hasn't done his taxes since 2000. He's a hard working man and a very frugal one too. He gets over half his income playing the stock market. Instead of taking the taxes out he would put it back in the market. He's done this since the 80's. Well of crouse with the big gains around 2000 he ended up owing money. He couldn't pay his whole balance. The next year came around he still owed the I.R.S. He also lost his money in the market and because depress. My dad in his 50's  thought it would be alright to stay in the market. Sadly he was wrong and lost most of his investments. My dad became changed man we lost his money. I could see his dreams dying. I can see his shame when he couldn't pay for our college titution. He went in a deep depression. Now the I.R.S has gerish his wages and levy the house. I have just know about it. Now I'm overwhelm. Trying to get all the records of stock prices. That's the hardest part. I'll by up all night trying to get his done plus my own.

AkA007 AkA007
26-30, F
Mar 10, 2009