Seven Commissioned Paintings

I have agreed to do seven paintings of cats and dogs ..

And so far I have painted a cats head that looks like a bush baby and another that looks like a mouse

But I will be positive ..

All will be fine :)
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4 Responses Aug 12, 2012

Lol! Go for it! Deep breaths. The best projects start out a little wobbly. Maybe the cat does actually look like a bush baby (and they are very cute) and would appreciate a mouse in the picture anyway ;)

Yes, things are improving. I have just painted what looks like a cougar!

Maybe if you paint a portrait of a mouse, it will look like a cat!

Nope .. doesnt work like that! As well you know Miss Lilt

How's it coming along?

It's not! :(
But it will!! :)

We believe in you, Tas! :)

Haha .. If only u could see what I see