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I spent nearly two years supporting my girlfriend and myself while struggling with anxiety and depression. I knew I should have stood up for myself, but putting myself first isn't something i know about. Until now. She left me soon as she had finacial support. So I quit the job, went back home. To realize that everyone is gone and i'm now truely alone, but that's okay. Sometimes it's good to be alone, especially when you are trying to find youself again. I've been learning new things about myself everyday. 

chrisa83 chrisa83 18-21, M 2 Responses Apr 22, 2010

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Man that sucks. Been there. Nothing like the feeling that your just there to make someone's life easy for them to screw you over without having a thought of what you went through to make their life easy. Welcome to being a parent for an adult. Seems where I always end up too. Need to talk hit me up. I do know this subject very well. I do know the feelings running through you. They suck. I have them now too.

geez, that's my story too. Enough said