The faerie wonders how mortals could act nonchalant over things that matter to others. 
Is it a case of insensitivity? 
Or are they just unconcerned? 
The indifference and apathy could be so overwhelming, the faerie wonders how the world continues to exist.  

As sentient creatures endlessly roam the earth, they try to bestow gifts that would serve the world fruitfully.
But it is not an easy task.
Here lies a big difference.  

We offer enthusiasm.
Only they withdraw to aloofness.  

We display animation.
Only they cover in gloom.  

We emit intensity.
Only they repress in moderation.  

We surrender to the rapture.
Only they defend the wretchedness.  

We reach out with fieriness.
Only they restrain to ennui.  

Lost in a world full of discouragement, the faerie aimlessly walks the earth uncertain of fate. 
Her sparkle dims. 
Her elan wanes.   

She starts to fade.
Sylphy Sylphy
41-45, F
12 Responses Jun 15, 2010

you fadeing may be because you are letting self faith slipp away! what happens when you stop shineing? do you loose the fairy or faerie in you are you just human or do you take life or let life take you? Does it matter that though im not sure if I'm just human or something different... though I'm not like alot of others...anyway does it matter that though you feel like your looseing your shine I can see you are, I still see what you look past and that is the golden shine that glistens around your sholders & head! If you cant believe will you notice the way I look at you when we pass on the street and see I know your shineing! May I help restore your Faith in youself dear Bella the Faerie....... :)

I have started living one day at a time. I try to stay in the moment. Because I do now how much time my God has alloted me.

It's never really the quantity of time, but the quality of how we spend our time. ... and I bet if I race you, faerie's bounce beats your power chair anytime. x p

I only learned it lately, Mewold. You know how you have all these wisdom and knowledge in your head... and they simply sit there, cobwebs and all, often they stand up for others when needed... but for a long time, this faerie never really walked the knowledge. I'm doing that now... li'l faerie steps when I can because I realized, too that life only moves fast when you allow it to.

The moment is all any of us have. I learned that late in life. It was in 2009.<br />
We have to grab life and squeeze all the goodies out of it. Life moves by so fast.

Lol... *whispers at Taken*... Kronk does have his moments ;p<br />
<br />
Thank you, sweet friend... I'm trying really hard to learn to love the moment again... *clutches Taken's hand tightly*

I think that even if the faerie plasters a billboard sign in front of these mortals, they would still fail to see... *sighs*... it's almost an endless battle... for some, they seem to see, a glimpse... and they promise to try... for how long though? Too often they retreat to their blindness all too soon... it never really lasts... this saddens the faerie a lot... and then becomes dim...<br />
<br />
*runs to Dean's pouch and rummages through*... surely you have a flashlight or torch or something in here...

LOL, Roj... never realized you wanted to be Peter Pan...

I do believe...<br />
I do believe...<br />
I do believe...

Scoobs... maybe the faerie does care too much... maybe the faerie needs to suppress her passion... maybe... it does not feel right though...<br />
<br />
Mick... the faerie wants to flick that little world they so much hang on to... maybe a whack... hmm... *thinking*... she's trying hard not to fade... really trying... but the oomph seems gone... maybe she needs to whack herself... sigh...

Unfortunately, mortals seem to get engrossed in themselves and rapt up in their own little world. They don't appreciate the wider issues and are ignorant.. Please don't fade. We need the faerie with all her sparkle and elan.

Gee... her soul dwindles as well... so lost... <br />
<br />
Summer King?... *shakes head*... The heart may have been taken before, now betrayed and defeated... but no one ever ruled her soul... <br />
<br />
Another human... hmm... should I post an ad?...

I think sometimes there is just so much to care about that that can be overwhelming at times. But we still need our faeries.