Finding Me

Sitting here in the lost and found,
Trying to make sense,
Talking to myself out loud,
A solo conference.
Like a battle lost at sea,
Swimming for dear life,
A precious little apostrophe,
A pause to cause still life.
For now I know I have to grow,
Which way is up to me,
And how am I supposed to know,
When I hold me in captivity.
With all those caverns of doubt,
They seem to hollow my mind,
Can't seem to find the exit out,
As my life I try to find.
So I'll take a stand and walk,
Explore places that I've been,
I'll let my mind caress my heart,
To touch my soul within,
This is the path that I must take,
I'll pace it day by day,
Through the darkness I see Light,
It guides me on my way.
For now my walk has turned to run,
The walls are coming down,
A new life I have found,
One with love around,
My day has greeted a new dawn,
And it can't be any clearer,
The friend that I thought long gone,
Smiled back at me in the mirror.
For now I've found that inner me,
I've misplaced on the shelf,
I know now I'm no longer lost,
Because now I've found myself.
harleylover1970 harleylover1970
41-45, M
2 Responses Oct 20, 2012

very awesomely put! i thought it was me thinking all those same things! :)

Beautifully written.