Looking Into Broken Mirror

It was two years ago I jumped from my two-story apartment window and shattered my heel into several pieces. I used to practice yoga positions and be told that I could walk with a stack of books on top of my head, or that I was as graceful as a swan. Well after not walking for so long after the casts were removed I haven't been able to balance myself on the bad foot long enough to pull a pant leg up on the opposite side. I am trying to take my life as a whole in the centering and spiritual stage as the art of creating mandalas has been a practice in several cultures for many years. I love the beauty of the mandala visually and love the purposes and history on them as well. I have created original artwork pieces of all different mandala designs through my creativity and colouring them accordingly as to let it flow out of myself. I make them in coloured pencil, watercolor pencils, pens, markers, and acrylic paints. It has helped me to grow spiritually & with the universe but it hasn't given me the balance and coordination back quite yet. I think the longer it is taking the more flaws I find wrong with myself or the more negative excuses I use to get out of completing something that I have started.Or several things that i have began and never finished. I've gained a few pounds from the psychiatric medications prescriptions and the extra weight makes it more difficult for me to get "centered" along with it bringing on thoughts of feeling hideous. I am going  back 2 yoga and will not give up on myself & the desire of regaining the poise that i once had. The feeling of spiritual oneness with the Divine and the balance with this universe that every person should be working towards gaining in their lifetime.
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31-35, F
Oct 20, 2012