Me And Only Me


I didn't realize I had lost myself but I have this reawakening that is amazing and I am on a journey to find myself again. 

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Do you feel as if you are climbing the biggest hill and you are almost at the top and can 'just' begin to see the sun on the horizon..?? This is how I felt only a few weeks ago. I am now on the top of that hill glaring right into the sun and rolling down the other side of the hill like we all use to as kids. Its the best ride of my life. I hope you enjoy it too. This is a moment that you should allow to always stay with you. Remember to look hard into the mirror with the biggest most honest smile on your face and remember this moment. It will keep you going on your dark days. And there will be dark days. But you now have the power to make the sun shine again. All the best with your new journey. Im not going to say good luck because you bring your own luck to yourself. Therefore, its not luck, its you clearing your own path... Go for it. xx

we all have a core person! You already have who you are you just need to figure out what you like. If it is almost a magical moment it probably isn't going to stick I may be wrong these are purley my expieriences. So We all have this CORE person we can go completley as far away from your core person but you will return but a little wiser a littel more up lifted maybe even more dissalusioned. Keep your feet on the ground try not to tell strangers how well your new you is comming along. Always smile when you find something new. Don't fall off the edge some times I've seen people vear so far away from their core they are more confused and scewed up then they were in the first place. You have obviosly suffered a loss mourn the loss, let it go, don't hang on you are prolonging the inevitable. Be true to yourself ! Honesty is the path to your new you, good luck

You are not alone! acceptance of one's self is key.

I'm lost, FG..... everybody tells me I will be renewed... how the heck does Sylph do that?<br />
<br />
Give me tips... *Sylph grabs journal... sits on the floor... starts to take down notes...*

I think you will find a pretty good lady.