A Desperate Day With My Sister

Ok this is the storie: me and my sis hollie meet her freinds and my crush at my house, then to 2 other places all the while people needing the toilet for verious reassons, and some wetting and some public toileting.

many years ago when i was 6 years old my little sister was 4 or 5 yrs of age we meet some freinds (amy 5 shannon 4 and rhainnon 6) at our house, which was on our familys farm. When they all had arrived (at 9 o'colck), we decided to play some games in and around the house like: hid 'n' seek, monpoly and other games. Then after about an hour of playing, we all got bored, so the lot of us, went out side to the yard, and on to the farm, to play some thing there for a bit, like: football, tennis, hockey, and hid 'n' seek also other games aswell e.g tag. After a while, we got bored of them and went to get in the pool which my family had up, since it was the summer, so we all got undressed since we lived in the country and owned our own land, we rarley wore swimming cloths while swimming, since we were all ages of 4-6. So any way we all got undressed, i and my sis was only wearing undies, but rhi shannon and amy were all wearing clothes, cause they had to walked through town which wasnt that far away about 20 min walk from my farm and from there about another 5 min walk to their house, so we got undressed and got in the pool.

After a long and lovely swim i and rhiannon started to need the toilet and i also could tell hollie needed to pee aswell since she had hold of her cruch like that for a while so me, rhi (my nick name for rhiannon) and hollie all got out, naked and holding our selfs, like little 2yr olds, to the part of the farm were my parents have made a toilet spot ,where any one and by any one i mean my family and freinds can go toilet (IE.G. pee or poop). We all went there cause we knew we wouldnt be able to hold it till we got in side. when we got there we all just let loose (i already had a thing about watching girls pee) and returned to the pool. to continue to swim again till 11 when we all were going to head down to the beach. so we swam and splashed and dived and diped and peed, untill 11 when rhiannon and shannon had to pee really bad (they almost didnt make it out of the pool), so they both ran over to the potty place, holding them selfs, and peed till their bladders were content. So when they had finished we all got out and got our stuff ready all the while we got dressed after that we waited till my mum was ready to take us.

then after about 10 mins of waiting and chatting and laughing and peeing mum was ready so we started on our trip to the beach which was a mile and 1/2 away. So we all climbed in to the back of my mums 8 seater, van like car, and set off down the road. about a 1/4 of the way there me and shannon needed to pee i wasnt that desperate but shannon had a small wet patch on her croutch. so i ask mum to stop she said "ill stop in 5 mins if u two cant hold it that long either go to the back of the car or pee in ur pants or on a towel and handed us 1 towel. i went to the back of the car to my suprise amy followed; i peed on the back of the car in the corner; amy peed in the blue plastic potty cause hollie already had the pink potty on her seat and since she didnt wear panties to the beach she just sat there and went when ever she had to, mum didnt know till amy told her cause hollie was wearing a skirt to hid it, shannon peed herself cause she couldnt hold it any longer, rhi didnt pee and mum peed in the towel.

after about another 3 pee stops we were there. that was about 12:30.  we all got out of the car and got the stuff i carried the buckets and spades rhi shannon and amy all the food and hollie just carried the tents so that left mum to carry the seats. we all got changed b4 we arrived so me rhi amy shannon and hollie all went straight to the sea leaving mum to set up. After about an hour i and rhi had to pee ao me and her just sat on the bottom and wet just as we finished amy came over and said she had to potty we thought it was pee so we just yanked her down and her bikini and told her to let loose so she did but wat we didnt relise is that she had to poop aswell. so after she had finished we buried the mess in the sand and left back up to mum we spent a few more hours at the beach. Then we went home. we all had a sleep over once home but that's another story. End
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To be continued

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