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My Daughter Had To Pee!

These are not their real names!
Ok, so Lanie (7) ruthie (8) and Elizabeth (10) and I all went to the zoo. Here is our conversation:
Elizabeth: mom I gotta pee!!!!
Me: the only bathroom is the portapotty in the parking lot.
Lanie: I want to go see the sea lions
Ok so we went to see the sea lions and then we would leave. When we were watching the sea lions Elizabeth decided I need to hold her because she can't stand up. So I held her and we left. So we go to the portapottie and Elizabeth decides I need to go in with her. I tell Lanie and ruthie to wait outside. So we go in and her zipper to her shorts is broken. So she can't hold it anymore and she lets go. Ruthie and Lanie make fun of her, but on the way home they both wet their pants laughing so I had three wet girls
funnypeestories funnypeestories 36-40, F Oct 1, 2012

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