Never Fails As Soon As I Fall ...

never fails as soon as I fall asleep I have to get up and run.
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I just realized the original post had been made in 2007. I'm an idiot.

Given your age, you may be retaining water in your legs and lower body. When you lie down, gravity moves this fluid into your blood stream to your kidneys where it is processed into urine. Even though you emptied your bladder before going to bed, it can fill up quickly, usually within the first hour of sleep.
This is more apt to happen if you are overweight or have an undiagnosed heart problem. I suggest discussing this with your doctor at your next check up.

I have severe bladder problems and have to pee like every five minutes, when I say I have to pee I mean I am about to **** my pants!

Here is a lot off women hurry to pee.<br />
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same here!