Have to Go...

Sitting here and read all your fantastic stories, getting more and more exited. I drank very much this morning and hold it as long as I can, but now it seems to be to much. It`s nearly hurting. Seems like my bladder would explode in the next second.

I press my one hand between my legs,typing with the other, hopping up and down my chair. Oh god, it`s coming out ! I feel how it`s beginning to squirt. Warm little showers in my hand. Feels so wonderful. Just can`t control it any more...it`s coming out more and more...oh god ! It`s beginning to rush now, it`s flowing...it`s so great...I have to get up...feel it running down my legs. Warm and sexy. My jeans are already wet all over and I can`t stop it. It must be litres coming out there ! It`s coming out at my feet now, soaking my socks....orgasmic.

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did !

Incontinentia Incontinentia
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4 Responses Feb 28, 2009

Don't do this everyday! Once a week may be all your system can stand and not have permanent damage to the bladder or nerves. Please take my word for it.<br />
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IN may case it is due to a spinal cord injury and things don't always work right. I wasn't emptying the bladder all the way. Eventually my bladder expanded until it couldn't expand anymore. I was then peeing off the top a few oz leaving sometimes 40 or so oz left in the bladder. It became painful. I was going every 20 to 30 minutes sometimes. When I did try to hold it "for orgasmic release" all it did was become even more painful.<br />
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Before the injury, I did do as Need to did and is was orgasmic. I also have done it since my bladder repaired itself. I am careful not to do that very often. Several times, I have allowed my system to start increasing bladder size again. Thank goodness I was able to get the bladder back to within normal size. Now 28 oz. is more than I can hold.<br />
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If I am sitting I can still have that orgasmic pee every now and then. Standing, I am going to lose it before I can really get to enjoy it! Is that age or my condition. I pick condition. I can't be That old!

that was a brilliant story. love the feeling as the first few squirts come out. . .

Losing control is very much like an ******. Sometimes I just keep holding in my pee until I can't any longer, and then I fight to stop it from spurting out, and it's like sex.

hah i like your stories