Gotta Pee Now!

OH! My goodness I woke up having to pee so bad...did not want to get out of bed but I did.

I went to my normal pee spot sitting in my chair of course covering it with many towel so the

wetness would not soak through. Oh the urgency, I can feel it attacking my bladder...I have got

to let some out. But wait let me get my jeans on first. Okay! Jeans are on and sitting in my chair.

Mountain Dew and drinking more in other hand...gotta go so bad getting horny at the same time.

As I let out a few squrts, I feel as though I need to poo tummy has got a crampy feeling.

Maybe it is just my period coming on..that is nasty...poo is nasty dont want to do that in my panties.

What a clean up that would be. Okay I cannot stand it I have got to let a few more squrts out. Yes!

That felt better. Maybe if I stand up I will be okay...humm then again...probably just **** down my legs.

Let me just sit here for a moment and see.  As I squrim I need to pee should I let it out or keep it in for

another hour or so....or just pee this one away and drink and drink until I feel another pee coming on...

humm...what shall I do? I just pissed some more and now my crouch of my jeans is wet. I think I will

pee it feels so good. I am getting more horny need someone to **** me and get me off where are you

men when I need you. Okay gonna pee now....Bye!

r2beararms19 r2beararms19
46-50, F
4 Responses Apr 29, 2009

I'm now creaming in my jeans, picturing you doing it.

Hey Good story!<br />
u got msn?<br />
like to talk abit?<br />
lemme help u!<br />
<br />

Wish I was there ... wish you were sitting on my lap ... I want to share in your warm wetness ... 8-P

im so turned on now