I Gotta Pee!

but im really too lazy to get up to go...i do this all the time at work...i'll hold it until i REALLY have to go...its really because im lazy but i cant deny that it feels really good once i do get in there and let it go...
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i had to pee once in school and i just let it out of my vagina! i have a pee tip! pee your pants or pee all over the floor! i had to pee once and i couldnt hold it and it just came out of my vagina so i just peed!

i just let go in my pants

When you hold it until the last minute and then get delayed on your dash to the toilet, you appreciate the pee all the more! And if that dribble into your pants doesn't show, what's the harm?

just try holdin till u cant anymore and u start 2 dribble and pee in your pants! xx

just try holdin till u cant anymore and u start 2 dribble and pee in your pants! xx

me too... but i hate when you hold it to the last minute and then someone stops you on the way! Always seems to happen...lol

Bladders are designed to expand to hold their contents, so I make mine work at it. I'll usually wait until the need is urgent before I go, and yes, the feeling of a huge **** is like an ******.


I do that almost all the time:)

I put off peeing when I'm at work, and when I finally give in, it feels so good! The orgasmic relief is worth the discomfort of holding it.

just get mountain dew, sunkist, or anything that is the same color as what you'll be putting in it. Then nobody will notice.<br />
<br />
Just make sure to keep track which is which.

did you pee yourself?

That's what lap-tops are for! ;P

hahaha...i don't think i could get away with that w/o anyone noticing!

Lazy... AND unimaginative!! Man, this is what empty soda bottles on the desk were left for! ;)