Gots To Pee...!!!

well yu see ive been living at mi friend kyle now for a month and theres only one bed so we share it and he ends up laying back on me all the time and he falls asleep. Well last night we did alot of drinking and he says he had to stop he was getting lightheaded  so i wehnt with him and layed down to make shure he was ok right. Well he falls asleep at like 2am i fall asleep slowly after and wake up having to pee. Its not so bad so i figure hes sick so ill let him sleep a while longer in hopes he feels bettr today. this was about 7am and about noon and hes still not up and i have to pee even more but its still manageable. So silly me continues to let him sleep well now its going on 5 pm and hes still not awake and im getting so desperate i dont want to get him up tho. I cant move him off me cuz hell wake up so im guna have to wait cuz its hard to wake him up. I relllly have to pee now and i cant even cross mi legs since hes laying on top of me.....wat should i do??omg i cant wait i gotta go soo bad .....

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18 Responses Feb 27, 2010

Oooooh dilemma/ :)

no i didnt i woke him up im not that mean

did he wake up when you peed on him? and did you?

i c but im not that mean

Punch him in the bladder. That will get his attention. Then race to the bathroom and lock the door and **** and ****. Then take a shower. Make him wait with his 11 hour full bladder.

um thx

nice job

lol normally he was sick that day tho he sayd he was relly tired so he didnt wake up

he will move if you **** him

lol actually hes more of a boyfriend but i see the point

Can I swap places with your friend? I love to be woken by a warm shower ;-P

19 srry miss counted

11 hours not too long

ok turns out i didnt make it after all..oops

seriously yu have no idea how much i have to go omg

i cant move him and no havent gone yet

you move him just push him.

so did you make it?