I Don't Want to Go to Work Tonight

Usually I don't mind going to work. Tonight I don't want to go. My friend is coming home from Mexico tonight and I want to see her. I'm also concerned that she's OK.

I'm cranky and just don't want to go. The fact that it's boring etc. is certainly part of it. But I'm also very grateful to have a job in this economy. I need it.

But I'd like to crawl into bed, take a nap with my kitties and later spend time with my friend.


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4 Responses May 1, 2009

Hahaha LV...this was written back in the beginning of May when swine flu was first breaking out in Mexico...I was concerned that my friend who was coming home from Mexico might be sick...there was so much paranoia at that time.<br />
But you know I am working tonight! ...and I don't want to work tonight either....we are expecting a snowstorm here and I'd much prefer to stay nice and cozy inside. Thanks LV. :)

I know how you feel, I really want to go home and sleep, and finish my book, but I am restricted by my sense of responsiblity

Peedeedog,<br />
That's wonderful...liking your job.<br />
<br />
Right now it's just the circumstances that I'm in...don't hate the job...just boring.<br />
Thanks for understanding.

Sometimes, I feel the same way about going to work. But, I do like my job.