My Little Ahole

i just spent 3 days without the Prince and I never want to do that ever again.  If I didn't realize how important he was beforehand I now know; I went through the house calling him and my eyes were filled with tears several times because I missed the little ahole.  He is one of my best friends and would die before he would let someone hurt me. Well I have to say that I would die before I would let anyone hurt him as well.  I love my dog and I would cease to be fungirl without him in my life. 


PS: Thanks Rog!!!

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6 Responses Apr 20, 2010

LMBO people think the "Beware of Dogs signs are there for the "big dogs" and they are to an extent because they are rescues and were abused so there is a chance of them biting but they better watch out for the little ones more closely because they are more likely to bite you. I know if a anyone comes on the property because the Duchess and Prince both will run to wherever I am and try to get me to pick them up.

Now that is soooooo funny. I read somewhere the other day that dachshunds live on average the 2nd longest of any breed and can live to be 20 yrs old or better.

No he is a dachshund. You should see the little Prince play with the big dogs. It is funny. He doesn't know they could eat him in one bite. He gives them a run for their money.

Exactly and I have added a little sister to the family since I wrote this. Those dogs keep me going some days.

I love my ROCKIE as well. Since all this has been going on he is getting really confused about all of it. The one thing he knows is the misses is always here. Without his grateful love and kisses for me that make a hard day like yesterday easier to handle.