Bills Only - the Change Can Fend For Itself!

Perhaps this is my one token bit of OCD, but I rationalise it by saying that if it's sorted be denomination, and all facing forward, it's easier to find what I need in my wallet.

EBunbury EBunbury
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Dangle on, Chris!

That is right EB. Having all the keys facing the same way does save on the pockets. It's not an OCD thing...<br />
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And yes, all my tassles are nice and neat... hehe


Darn it, chris, now you just blew my premise that arranging my money was my one token OCD bit. I do that with my keys, too. But I'll just argue that they wear through my pockets less readily that way.

I do that too with the bills in my wallet.<br />
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I also have all the teeth of the keys on my keyring facing the same way...

Ah. Here he have coins for things below a dollar, and bills for dollars and above. (There are dollar coins, but not seen often.)<br />
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The biggest flaw with our bills is that they're all the same size and the same color, but that will be changing soon.

I got it from my mother, who had worked retail. She argued that it made the cash register drawer so much easier to use.