I Do Wonder About This...

I remember the day we met, the first day we talked on the phone, 
and the day we got together. I was smiling so much more than I ever 
have in my life. 

I remember the times you'd say  " I love you " and I remember all the 
nicknames you gave me. 

You made me feel so special, you made me feel like the only girl in the 
world. Things were amazing when I was with you. 

Then I had to go and break your heart. Because of all my fears I let an 
amazing person go... =( 

I still wonder if I hadn't let you go where we would be right now. If 
we would have been closer than ever today... But that is something 
I won't ever find out... 

It hurts knowing that I let you go, but probably not as much as I hurt you.. =( 
And for that I am sorry... 

I hope that the person that is in your life makes you happy.. cause you deserve

I know one thing I won't wonder about and that is I will never forget you.... 
purplebutterfly14 purplebutterfly14
18-21, F
May 29, 2011