That Summer

     I came back here with a little hope that I’ll be able to see him again even though I know that it’s almost impossible. Even after years, even when I’m not sure if he remembers me; remember memories of that year, somehow, I’m still hoping that I could see him. I thought that I’m over it, thought that I’ve moved on but somehow sometimes it seems like I’m back to that time, when I was still loving him. That smile is still deeply engraved in my heart, whenever I look at that photo, that scene would play back in my head; that summer; that year, when we were still young and childish. That photo where we stood side by side; that happy feeling I had when I look at that. Do you still have it?

    I’m just confused about my feelings, for sure this is no longer love but somehow you are like an obstacle that I cannot overcome. One thing for sure is that as long as I can’t see you again, there will be moments that I’m thinking about you with regrets. The word “if” would cross my mind millions of times as the years passed by. That scene would play in my head millions of times as time goes by but with a different ending. I’m still thinking about you, this strange feeling whenever I think of you confuses me. If I could see you again, just once more, I’m sure it would help me figure out why I am feeling this way.

zerohan zerohan
18-21, F
Jan 13, 2012