Definitively Must

Yeah, we have to let go of those who hurt us. One typical way is to forgive. But you can go one more up on them. Don't let what they've done faze you in the least. Listen, m- what's done's done. You can't unfurl it magically. To forgive can be grudging. But if you say : they don't merit a place in my life unless i decide to grant is, is different. Normally, in order to forgive, you have to be apologized to. But many a time the guilty parties have no intention of doing that. So you just say : you're not going to control my life. They're using reverse guilt on you. They should be feeling guilty, but sure don't show it. So you wind up all self-pitying saying : why don't they feel the hurt they've caused me ? So they're controlling you. No! You have no place in my life unless I say so. You let me down, now i'm not even going to consider you. I am free from the bad vibes coming from you. You will not rule me. IF I feel like it, i'll let you in...maybe to take advantage of and laugh at you. But people are pretty predictable. Within the roles they play, they're pretty constant. If you are self-recriminating, most of your friends and family know it ( and they use you for it ). So you gotta figure that's part of their role-makeup. Break it in their face ! You'll never see them angrier ! Just INDEPENDIZE yourself. There's always going to be people in life who want you to hurt, and then step back and say : who,- me ?????? The sooner you learn to break the bond with them bloodsuckers, the better. Don't let them be responsible for wether you have a good time or not. Just delete them, like a story gone bad, and go forwards, like a duck with greasy feathers, their bad vibes'll slide right offa you.

Elieli Elieli
56-60, M
Feb 24, 2010