Trying To But Can't

I  am trying my best to let go of those people who have hurt me BUT DON'T KNOW HOW!!!!!!!!  I get told this on a regular basis and get so bloody frustrated because i don't know how to deo this. It's not as simple as just letting it go like i keep getting told. I don't know what to do about this. It upsets me as i want to get on with my life and to stop letting the f****** who have hurt me, keep ruling my life evedry single day. I am afraid that if i can't let the past and those who have hurt me go-i am afraid that i will eventually lose my best friends who love me and me them, more than my mother ever, ever did. HOW DO YOU LET IT GO.

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Your's not easy!<br />
One thing that worked for me was when someone told me that I was forgiving and letting go for myself and my own piece of mind..not for them.<br />
I had to accept it even if I didn't want to and then forgive.It doesn't mean that I had to like it because I didn't but I did it for me and I liked how I felt about myself when I could finally let it go.<br />
Now when it comes back..I remember..get angry for a few minutes and move on.<br />
I hope that helps!

I will try

The first step to letting go is to forgive them for what they have done to you in the past. If you can forgive them, and I mean really believing in your heart that what they did no longer makes you mad, then the next step is easy. Because once you have forgiven them, they no longer have the control over you, they cannot upset you. Then the second step is to basically forget the pain they caused you. Don't forget that you have had these experiences, just realize that if the memories don't upset you anymore, then you won't have the intense pain and hate that you once had. That's how you do it. <br />
<br />
Sounds so easy, doesn't it? It isn't. It almost hurts as much to dredge up the memories at first, but after you have remembered, after you have decided to forgive those involved, then the pain decreases and eventually, hopefully soon, you will be free from the hurt.