I Have To Let Go Of My Husband That Died In 99

My husband passed away at 37 years old and it has been hurting me ever since I miss him so very bad and it does not get any better. I feel him around me smell his colongne and have many pictures of glowing orbs and have seen him a few times and had him in my dreams. I do not think that aanyone ever gets over a loved ones death. I live alone and it is hard to deal being by myself al the time..

I hope that I can move on it has been 10 years...


dansgirl23 dansgirl23
51-55, F
1 Response Feb 24, 2010

You will never loose the fantastic memories of your love one, even when you put away his pictures, and personal things, memories will stay around for ever. You are hurting yourself, as a living human being from being happy again, if even for friendship. God said, let go of the die and live on, you want the verse, or do you know it but won't follow God's advise.