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I'm looking for a career change - I'm currently working as tech support for a production dept at the company I work for.

Overall not a bad job and I like the people I work with but my heart isn't in it anymore. I want to quit the 9-to-5 lifestyle. I always loved nature and discovered

in recent years that I have a passion for nature photography and working with wildlife. What I think I would love at this point is to move out of this crazy, shallow-minded, fast-paced society and live in a rural area somewhere in the tropics (I love the rainforests), and do something where I'm working with animals.

My only problem: I've an extremely introverted person and have been unable to work up the courage to make any drastic changes so I currently don't know what to do.

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I've considered trying to sell some of my photos - I actually have a co-worker interested in buying some now. I do live in an area that used to be somewhat rural but now is being horribly overdeveloped. <br />
Right now what I'm considering is taking some time off to volunteer in the tropics - I think that would be fun and maybe give me a better idea on what I want to do. I've already taken a couple trips to Costa Rica to photograph wildlife and loved it! I'm still nervous about making a career change to anything else but I think when I figure out what i want to do for sure, it will be easier.<br />
Thanks for your comments and suggestions. :)

It sounds wonderful. Could you do photography on the side as a hobby and generate some contacts? Maybe you will meet other photographers who are doing what you want to do? Then you would have some real choices? Can you live in a rural place for a trial period? Maybe over the summer? My family moved lock, stock and barrel from the city to the country and it was culture shock. We used to walk everywhere and now it takes so much planning! The nearest store is 12 miles away, there isn't any bus service out here and when the weather gets intense, we're housebound. Maybe you'd be much better at it than we are:)