I love holding my pee at work until I'm really desperate and then making a dash for the loo at the last minute. Occasionally I've ended up doing a few spurts in my pants but thus far I've managed to avoid an outright wetting. The feeling though when I do it is absolutely amazing!
Adrian6970Anne Adrian6970Anne
46-50, M
1 Response Sep 18, 2012

It's fun because it's your secret pleasure. No one around you knows you're having an erotic experience as you sit at your desk; no one knows you're challenging yourself and risking potential embarrassment; no one knows how you look forward to an orgasmic release in the men's room. Holding at the workplace can be a thrill. I've done it many times.

Thanks. I drink quite a lot of coffee at work so getting desperate is fairly easy.

Please read my PM to you.