Always Have Done, Probably Always Will

I can't remember a time when I didn't have to pee a lot. For preference I pee every hour-and-a-half to two hours - I start feeling the urge at about an hour after my last visit to the bathroom, and if I have to wait three hours or more then accidents happen! That's if I'm not drinking more than a cup of tea in the morning, and no alcohol. Coffee drastically reduces the amount of time I can wait for. I've got better as I've got older - when I was at school I'd be really struggling at the end of a two-hour double period, and if there was a big queue for the toilets afterwards I'd usually wet my knickers a little before I could get to the toilet. I always had a spare pair of knickers and trousers at the bottom of my school rucksack in case of emergencies. Thank God the uniform was black...
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good method, i think i will try that ;)

That sounds familiar. I kept count today and went 15 times. Each time was urgent too You're definitely not the only one.

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I love that name. I'm a little older than you, but I share the same problem. Let's be friends.<br />
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Marion xoxoxo

Cold weather does it for me. I use the toilet, then bundle up and go outside and I have to pee again, Oh, sometimes just minutes have passed, sometimes it waits a little longer, just long enough to make sure there is no way I can wait long enough to get to another toilet. Funny thing is, I'll pee such a tiny amount. Enough to soak my panties so I'll be cold and wet too.

I also have problems with long periods in college =(. And I also start to feel the urge an hour after I went to the toilet. Of course alcohol and caffeine are bad for those kind of problems, that's why it's better not to take them. I also have to wait a second hour because sometimes I have long classes and it is a nightmare to hold it. Sometimes i go out of the class without teachers notice it haha, it really scares me. I though I was the only one =)