Im Sorry

i have to say good bye to u. even though i know it will hurt u. i know u love me, and i love u too. but its not the right love, not pure, so i have to say good bye now. u mean more to me than words can say... those words will always be true no matter where u are i am there too. i will always love u, even though were not ment to be. i will always love everything about you, but hope u will not continue loving me too. for the love i have is different than yours, and i hope y will someday see, it was for u and not me. i have to say good bye now but when years go by i hope u will always find u changed because of our time, and that it made u right for the one who is. im so sorry, hurting u hurts me too, but someday the pain will fade and new love will grow from the old and u will see how true love is. pure love without limit, without the need for confermation. one day you will see that, and be glad i let u go. and when we meet again i pray that u are a christian and love god as i have loved u. i will always be your friend and care for u.

with all of my breaking heart.

DarkAmber DarkAmber
18-21, F
Feb 22, 2010