So, you create a group about bullying..........little does anyone know your the biggest bully on here. Do your friends no you bullied and made someone take down their story cause it doesn't fit you? Do your friends know your a complete back staber? That you pretend to be their friends to their face then talk about them behind their back? Do your friends know that you have "friends" from "child hood" and yet none of them are ever on at the same time? plus there are no pictures of you guys ever together. Do your friends know that you have a " i cant be friends with you if you talk to chelsea69now " bs policy? I bet they don't, I bet they don't really know you cause if they did i DOUBT you wouldn't have any friends
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Isn't it bad enough kids are being bullied at schools? Now its being done on here. This is what happenes when people spend way too much time online and not enough time with there own real life friends and family.

When is the last time you stopped and called a friend you haven't spoken with since a month ago?

i dont need to call her she lives up the street

the point is, there are fat more important things to do than put another human being down tgo make themselves feel better.

So I guess I'm an enemy now huh?

huh? who u talking about?

Anyone who talks to chelsea69now is an enemy lol

lol true

makes me a bad guy too


Haha that's ok everyone hates me anyway

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