I Should Or Else

Since I passed 30, my metabolism has decreased terribly, so I should size down my intake! or I'll be fat soon.

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Dark chocolates is healthy, thank you for mentioning it.

By chance I looked at my profile and I even made mention of them of my "Likes" and it is right there with Coffee ^^<br />
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I think they found some health benifits too with Chocolate, in recent years. I forget what it is though.

@ randy: good for you, chocolates are good, I don't understand all the negative talk against them

@ Lorraine: I should get a blood test I might have high blood sugar. I am not gaining weight yet, because I started weight training a year ago.

Happy to say I have been checked and everything is running at tip top shape. I have always loved chocolate.<br />
But now that I am working out again and loosing some weight, I crave sweets even more now.<br />
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I think Chocolate and Women are a good match. I never met a woman who did not like Chocolate. But I have met men who were not as excited to see a box.<br />
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I must have found my feminine side or something, but pass me a Sees Candy Box any day!

Have a blood test to see if your Thyroid is still performing in its peak!<br />
<br />
The thyroid regulates metabolism,hormones, body temp and protects heart, lungs,liver, and reproductive organs.<br />
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If you are gaining weight and not doing anything differently, also get a glucose tolerence test for early stages of type 2 diabetes.

I eat 5 oz a day

Ohhhh Chocolate O_O <br />
Love the stuff. Especially the Dark Chocolate. Now I hide from it. I have a stash of assorted chocolates. But I keep them in the Freezer to make it that much harder to eat. And I am a guy!

@ flourlaly: Yes, but its hard to break a habit<br />
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@ Randy: Thank you for the warning. I should stop craving for chocolate.

All I know is Baaad things happened after 36. Be careful of that number O_O<br />
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Now I avoid even smelling food, because I can gain weight from it. j/k ~_^

i think that goes for everyone!-ha ha