No Choice Now.........

~ If I want my tummy to continue to shrink inside, I have to down size my portions. It's actually coming along really well. I think because we (mom & I) are doing it slowly, over time, is why it's working out so well. We aren't feeling hungry but we aren't in pain either from eating too much. I use to always walk away from the table hurting. It was like I didn't know that there was a feeling before pain to tell me I was full. I'm learning it now. It took 37 years, but that's okay. At least I'm learning it. Mahahaha! My life is good, & if I never lose all the weight, or all the belly ( pretty sure I won't lose the belly. Hate to exercise & I'm a big girl), that's ok. I know what I have to offer, & I know that I'm beautiful, no matter what size I happen to be. I also know that there are people out there who will see this & love me too. It's only a matter of time. =] That's the faith I have & what I hang onto. ~

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Mar 15, 2009