Just Try !

Yes, I have a wierd last name, Yes it may look hard to pronounce.. but it really is not . Just try a little common sense, because it really is spelt out for you. I'm sick of people trying to say/spell my name with letters that are quite obviously not right. Also, they mistake its origin aswell which really ****** me off :)
Cocolily Cocolily
18-21, F
3 Responses May 25, 2012

Lol, if I had to pronounce your last name the French way you would unfriend me immediately ;)

Ahhh why ?? I swear I won't ;) message it to me :)

It's difficult to write how one would pronounce something - however I tried.

And you got it spot on !

I think Coco92 is easy to say out loud, although im wondering if its a silent ''9'' so its pronounced co-co-too ?

Yes ! You got it haha :)

Mines the same.. But people dont even try to say it lol i just spell if for them its so much easier :)