I Am Thankful

A lot of people don't like  prozac... I am thankful for it... I have struggled with deep depression most of my life and i finally feel a relief from it... I feel a little unemotional at times however it is a relief from the overemotional... Prozac has helped me to not sweat the small stuff and to not hate the world so much... I finally am free... I still get sad but i get over it much quicker and move on... One sadness doesn't last for weeks anymore... I don't feel the world weighing me down anymore...
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1 Response Nov 28, 2007

you're not free, you're just a slave to something else now. Not saying I don't think you should be taking it...I don't know anything about the situation. I'm glad you've found some relief. I liked it while I was on it, too. But don't let it trick you.