Thyroid Cancer

I was diagnosed with thyroid Cancer and had a full thyroidectomy. I follwed that with Radioactive Iodine, All the time feeling aweful. But none of that is as bad as being overdosed on Synthroid and not knowing what the heck is happening to me. At my last check up I started telling my doctor ( a sub because mine is on maternity leave) my symptoms of how aweful I feel and I find out that my blood test show I'm Hyperthyroid and my meds are too high. Every day my symptoms had gotten worse so when I went home from my appointment I started checking out Hyperthyroidism and Synthroid overdose. Needless to say I was in a Synthroid Storm (Google it) and had 19 of the 25 possible symptoms. I should have gone to the hospital but I can't afford it and I would have ended up in ICU for a week. I talked to my doctor again, lowered my dosage, and felt better for a day. I'm so stinking dizzy and feel so ****** but my doctor doesn't seem to feel it's an issue. I'm afraid Synthroid is causing more damage than good and I'm afraid to get my heart rate up because I could have heart failure or stroke.... So.... I'm looking for others that have had Synthroid issues. I need to know how crazy I need to act at the doctor's office to make them hear me OR is this just a side effect of Sythroid
siouxlopez siouxlopez
46-50, F
Dec 12, 2012