One of These Days...

It's been a year, since I visited my grandparents at the cemetery. Well, their plots anyways. I don't believe that their souls dwell there. Just their empty shells, if that's not to morbid. But the whole point of visiting, is a ritual of care and love. On the other side, they can see that I still care and that I'm thinking about them, in this way. :-)

But it's hard to get my mother or aunts to go. It's still too painful for them, which is understandable. And I have a tough time traveling to places on my own. So, one of these days... we should all go and give them a visit.

In Japan, it is customary to have a picnic on the graves of passed loved ones. It's like an celebration of that person's life. I like that idea. But, no one in my family would go for that! Ah, well... =p

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1 Response Feb 22, 2009

For me,it means 4 busses across town!<br />
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I know that he is dead,but this grave site is the last place where we can locate him!..I like to think he can hear me when I talk to him!<br />
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It gives me some peace to tell him how my family is going!<br />
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Cemetaries are a peaceful place!