The Nightmare of Problem Teeth Is Nearly Over

My teeth were never really that bad, to be honest. They were fairly straight. Just a little horsey like Angelina Jolie and with one tooth higher than the others. I was told my teeth were overcrowded and that I would need braces. I was about 15.

The orthodontist gave me such a tough time. He and his wife often cut my lip when adjusting the braces, made me wear a ghastly overnight contraption that is no longer supposed to be used and tightened my retainer so much I had to go to hospital once to have it removed from my mouth!

After my 'treatment' had finished I read in the newspaper that my orthodontist was not an orthodontist and was no longer allowed to work as one or even as a dentist... So I went on a trip to another orthodontist. Good news! The other guy ruined my teeth. I should have had two teeth extracted before he even began work on my teeth. I had to have braces again! And I wouldn't get them out until I was in my early twenties. How humiliating. I was already being mistaken for a much younger person because of my height and facial structure and this was only going to make it worse!

I moved to Canada and paid a lot of money to continue my treatment. He did the job well, but didn't care enough about his patients to give me the proper retainer. I also suffer from bruxism in the night, so I needed a night-guard retainer. My next orthodontist let me know this and got me one. It wasn't free of course, so a lot of money was wasted on the first retainer.

Now I am having to have a bunch of wisdom teeth removed because they will mess up my teeth again if I don't have them out. I'm two thirds of the way! Last one's coming out this Friday. Wish me luck!

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Mar 10, 2009